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Welcome to TapestryArtwork.com

Tapestry Throws & Wall Hangings

Select From Over 300 Tapestries

Over 300 beautiful tapestry throws and tapestry wall hangings are available for your selection including Thomas Kinkade tapestry throws and wall hangings as well as wilderness, scenic, inspirational, SouthWest, natural, and Christian theme tapestries. Use tapestry throws and wall hangings to create warm home décor as well as for unique and inspirational gifts. TapestryArtwork.com carries other gift items such as throw pillows and gifts for kids. To see the entire collection of tapestry throws and wall hangings, click on the link: Tapestry Throws or Tapestry Wall Hangings.

Tapestry Throw Gifts Tapestry Throw Gifts Tapestry Throw Gifts Tapestry Throw Gifts

Tapestry Throws & Wall Hangings

Shipment Information

Most tapestries are in stock and available for shipment by the weaver/manufacturer directly to the customer which may take from 7 to 10 business days. Some tapestries may need to be specially woven for your order which takes two business weeks. When you place your order, you will be notified if the tapestry is not in stock and needs to be woven for your order. If you are not satified with the tapestry, you may return it.  See: Order Policies

Sympathy Gift Ideas

Tapestry Throws & Wall Hangings

Celebration, Comfort, Sympathy Gifts

Tapestries are unique and thoughtful gifts for those going through times of celebration, change, or crisis. Tapestry throws and tapestry wall hangings may be used for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, bereavement, friendship, love or other occasion gifts. Tapestry designs include inspiratonal, scenic, wilderness, SouthWest, or other artistic designs with or without quotes. To see our hope and sympathy gift ideas, click on one of the links: Hope & Sympathy Throws or Hope & Sympathy Wall Hangings.

Sympathy Gift Ideas

Need an Extra Large Wall Tapestry?

Beautiful Selection is Available 

TapestryArtwork.com website does not have room for all the extra large wall tapestries available for you to purchase. But, we are a "reseller" for Pure Country Weavers who carries a beautiful selection. Visit their website and email us your choice of extra large wall tapestry (name and SKU number). We will offer you the lowest price possible by return email if you wish to purchase. Visit PureCountry.com  Click on “Wall Tapestries.”

Quality Products & Made in the USA

Best Design Artisans Available

Tapestry throws and tapestry wall hangings are manufactured in the USA and designed by the best artisans available. Manual Woodworkers & Weavers is located in the mountains of North Carolina, ranked #1 in home décor by Gift Beat magazine. Pure Country Weavers, located in South Carolina is known for outstanding designs and quality weaving. 

Tapestry Throw Gifts Tapestry 8 Tapestry Throw Gifts Tapestry Throw Gifts Tapestry Throw Gifts

Use Your Digital Photo to Create

Tapestry Throws & Wall Hangings

The Woven Moments Kit allows you to use a digital photo to create a personalized photo tapestry throw or tapestry wall hanging. The Woven Moments "Designer Series" Kit allows you to select a background pattern to surround your photo and a quote or message to include on the tapestry throw. To learn more, click on: Photo Tapestry

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Sympathy Gift Ideas

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Browse these beautiful tapestry throw and tapestry wall hanging products for inspiration during the day. The product designs are the work of the finest artisans available — and made in the U.S.A. You are invited to share the product images with your friends on social media such as FaceBook, Pinterest, Tumblr or other site for their enjoyment. When you click on the product image, you will see the sharing choices. Thank you for visiting . . . TapestryArtwork.com



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